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Case History
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Date: 2005

Location: Chelmsford

Project: Office Block

Sector: Commercial

End Client: Trade Union

Project Team Principles: Cititec Building Services

Value: >£5k

System: Honeywell/Centraline
Control I/O: >14+
Control Panels: 1x MCC(s)

Plant / Services:
Central Heating and DHWS Plant

Project Overview:

The buildings central heating, and DHWS, system was completely replaced for the end client by the mechanical contractor; working to a general design brief, provided by the consulting engineers.

Orlanix installed the heating system MCC, and associated field controls; based on the requirements of the end client; inc minor system additions, and enhancements during the on-site project phase.

The primary function of the Centraline Panther DDC controller, housed within the MCC, is to provide optimised, and compensated, heating services control for the building.

The system status can be monitored, and associated system settings amended, via the Panther controller fascia mounted LCD display / keypad.