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Orlanix can provide comprehensive, competitively priced, levels of after sales service on all of the systems we install; as well as systems installed by others.

Due to their work load, design complexity, interactions with other plant and services, and variable user interaction; BMS and controls installations require a good level of ongoing maintenance; if they are to function at anything like their design potential.

Whilst it is a common misapprehension that a newly installed building management or control system will initially operate with very little, if any, service requirements; the reality is that even the best designed and installed systems require some level of maintenance to be conducted from the outset, after installation and initial set-up. This is primarily due to the fabric and occupancy changes that all buildings undergo after system hand over, building plant and services usage shifts; coupled with the variances caused by system familiarisation and the learning curve required of the building engineering user group.

In addition the items of plant that BMS and controls interface with have ongoing maintenance requirements themselves . If the controls system is neglected during this process then changes, and remedial actions, carried out on plant and service items will have a knock on effect to the systems that interface with them; inevitably impacting on the efficacy of the controls system, and its individual component parts.

Orlanix are able to offer tailor made maintenance packages for individual building systems as well as estate wide maintenance regimes. We have many years experience in managing, and conducting maintenance and remedial type activities, and can be relied on to provide unrivalled levels of service within this sphere of operations.

If you require any further information related to this element of service provision please navigate to our contacts section and find out first hand how we can help you make your building function more efficiently.