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Have you ever struggled to track down, and obtain, the necessary technical information required to allow a certain aspect of a project to progress smoothly?

Do you wish there was a reliable, user friendly, resource available, to allow you to make a basic request for technical information on a given controls or systems related item or services. And within a short time have that information delivered to you by electronic, or other means?

Or at the least receive some confirmation that the specifically required information is not currently available; but alternative technical solutions probably are?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you may be interested to hear about TEKTRACK a one- stop shop for technical research and advice across a wide range of building engineering, controls, and IT related services, that is in the early stages of development at Orlanix.

The Orlanix TEKTRACK service will research, advise on, and find information related to, a wide range of building engineering, controls, and IT related equipment and services.

The TEKTRACK service will be electronic based and simply require an enquiry form to be filled out by the client (or a verbally conducted, short duration, questionnaire); detailing some basic background details on the item, or service, where information is required.

From this initial enquiry TEKTRACK will research many sources of available information to track down the specifically required data, or advise if the specific information is either commercially protected, or not currently available. To assist the client we can, at this time, also make suggestions for alternative solutions.

The service will allow its users to obtain specific information efficiently; making informed decisions as to whether to obtain commercial rights for information access, follow their own alternatives, or to pursue any other suggested solutions

To allow clients to experience for themselves the benefits available from the use of the TEKTRACK system, we will offer the 1st technical search free of charge, without obligation... if you feel a service of this sort may prove useful to your business, and you would like to give it a try...

Contact Orlanix and enquire when the service will become available.


Need information?... You're on the right track.