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  Building Management Systems  

...have increasingly become the primary tool by which building operators manage their engineering services; within any given building, or on an estate wide basis.

The variety, complexity, and flexibility, of the building management systems, and system components, on offer has widened over the past few years; and an emerging synergy between building facilities engineering, and Information Technology (IT) based disciplines has occurred. This trend is likely to continue, and indeed gather pace, over the coming years; as the IT community and building users in general realise some of the advantages of having a near seamless integration between these two, previously disparate, technology based services.

Further insight into the developmental scope, and future direction, of BMS and IT merged building systems can be found by reference to the “integration” and “evolution” pages on this site.

The Orlanix team brings together a group of industry professionals with many years experience in the design, procurement, installation, and configuration of BMS and controls based packages; together with in depth awareness of, and growing skill base in, IT based infrastructure; design, development and servicing.

As a company Orlanix can design a BMS, or controls package, based on pre-specified manufacturers equipment, hybrid systems; based on a variety of manufacturers, or design of packages from a basic performance brief; selecting components from a wide range of suppliers, as tailored to the operational and budgetary requirements of our clients.

Whichever solution is deemed to be most appropriate for the client, either at the outset, or through design development, the Orlanix team work towards a timely and value based realisation of the system. Our services, and team structure are flexible; both at the outset, and in their response to any ongoing changes; whether they be system design, project progression, or budgetary based.