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Orlanix prides itself on giving enhanced levels of service to all our clients.

To this end we continually strive to provide added value for our clients; whether it be in improved lines of communications during projects, additional information on products and systems supplied, ad hoc training and advice, additional project co-ordination, or simply good old fashioned service.

We seek to take the view that, in general, nothing should be too much trouble, if it assists our clients in delivering their projects, product, or services, on time, and on budget. When new, or existing, clients employ our services, we seek to take an active "partnership" approach in all we do (whilst never losing sight of the fact that ulimately, first and foremost, we are there to meet the needs of our clients). If we can add any value to the service that our clients bring to their own clients then (where possible, and where sought) we will seek to deliver.

One of our operational philosophies is "continual enhancement", though, at times, we concede this has to be tempered with operational reality; and whilst we are realistic enough to know that “you can’t please all of the people, all of the time” we do our very best to try.