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  ...real value, not the illusion of value  

At Orlanix we strive to give our clients “real value”; through meeting, and exceeding, their expectations at realistic prices. The “illusion of value”, whilst attractive at first sight, often proves to be just that, an illusion.

We select system components from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers and, unlike some of our competitors, we do not simply select, supply, and install an item due to its initial lower cost of purchase.

We believe that although budgetary diligence and cost efficiencies in purchasing can add end value to the client (and of course offer opportunities to maximise our own margins in the process) real value can more often be achieved by specifying and utilising higher standard equipment wherever possible. In our opinion this selection process adds value to our delivered systems; by increasing product quality, usability, reliability, and ultimately end user satisfaction... in our experience cheap is not always cheerful!