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Case History
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Date: 2006

Location: Manchester / Nottingham / Bristol

Project: Data Suite Monitoring System

Sector: Education

End Client: Government Agency

Project Team Principles: Wates Interiors

Value: >£10k

System: Bespoke (Stand-Alone)
Control I/O: 30+
Panels: 6 Monitoring Panels

Plant / Services:
Static UPS
Water Leak Detection
CRAC Units (DX Close Control)

Notable / Special Features:
Bespoke Monitoring System Design
Stand Alone Monitoring Panels; Linked to a “Redcare” Remote Alarm System
Existing Critical Services Maintained Throughout Project

Project Overview:

The end client required several of their IT data rooms services to be monitored via a bespoke stand-alone monitoring system; linked over dedicated telephony lines to an existing “Redcare” remote access, and alarm monitoring, centre.

Orlanix developed, designed, installed, and commissioned, the stand-alone monitoring system for the data rooms; and liaised with the client’s telephony provider, to combine the system with their general access control scheme.

The primary function of the alarm scheme was to monitor each data room’s critical IT power supplies equipment, and internal environmental conditions.