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Case History
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New London House

Date: 2007

Location: Central London

Project: Office Block Refurbishment

Sector: Commercial

End Client: Commercial Landlord 

Project Team Principles:
Collins Construction / Capital Environmental

Value: >£100k

System: Trend IQ2/963
Terminal Units: 160x FCU(s)

Plant / Services:
FCU Terminal Units
Main Lighting Controls Scheme

Notable / Special Features:
Complex Lighting Controls Scheme

Project Overview:

This existing office block, located at a prime position adjacent to Fenchurch Street Station, had several floors refurbished during late 2007 / early 2008. These upgraded floors were provided to the end client by a multi-disciplinary project team, working to a general design brief.

Orlanix upgraded, installed, and commissioned, the Building Management System controls for the FCU’s, and lighting control scheme; based on the requirements of the project performance specification, ongoing design changes, system additions, and enhancements.

The primary function of the BMS is to provide conditioned air, and lighting control, over multiple general office floor areas.

The BMS is monitored via the buildings maintenance and facilities dept on a pc running a Trend 963 graphics package; connected to the main plant MCC’s, field plant controllers, and FCU’s.